Salar Ahmed Shaswar Company

Salar Ahmed Shaswar for General Trading and constructional Decoration/Individual Project was found in 1994.  The company was  founded by (SALAR AHMED SHASWAR) who is the manager and owner of the company.


The company works in these fields in construction and material sale:


  • Doors, windows, plastic slides. Plastic decorated doors in different colours such as white, brown, wooden brown, maroon, and wooden gray.

  • Doors, windows, slides, aluminum cupboards made in a plastic prevents interring heat, cold, and noises in different colours such as white, brown, gray, ashen black, creamy.

  • Alucobond in different colours

  • Glasses and double glasses in advanced devices

  • Wooden design, double glasses in different designs and  colours, and curtain in glasses

  • Steel windows in different colours such as white, brown, red, black, ashen black, and creamy.

  • Decoration

Salar Ahmed Shaswar Company is the agent of the popular company (Saray Company) for the materials such as aluminum, plastic, Alucobond, and steel windows.

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+964 770 350 39 09

+964 770 453 2000

1 - Sulaimaniyah / Chwarbakh/ near Palace Hotel/ Behind Chwarbakh Palace

2 - Sulaimaniyah/ Malik Mahmood Street / Above Binay Gas Station / Next to Spacetoon

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