Aluminum section in Salar Ahmed Shaswar is made by Saray Company which is a Turkish company, it is made of the best quality and used in 50 developed countries.


Doors, windows, plastic slides. Aluminum decorated doors in different colours, they prevent heat, cold, and noises. It has guaranties.


The company has experienced staffs who measure the doors and windows for the clients, then we design them in the computer according to his desire.


The client is informed about the price and the time of making the doors and windows, then they are made through computer programs and advanced devices.

نه‌رماده‌ى ئيزۆ بۆ عزل و سيستم2.jpg

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1 - Sulaimaniyah / Chwarbakh/ near Palace Hotel/ Behind Chwarbakh Palace

2 - Sulaimaniyah/ Malik Mahmood Street / Above Binay Gas Station / Next to Spacetoon

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