An account has been created for the buyers in the company's database in which all the emails of the transaction and any concern related to the company have been protected.

We start to transfer the materials for the buyers in a quick and best manner to the target place according to the buyer's desire.

Salar company has some trustees and all the products of the company have been divided upon them in a successful way, this facilitates for the buyers to gain all the products through the trustees

Our material's sources are produced with an international standard trough organizing them and the way of making them.

Installing and making PVC doors & windows by supervising an expert and skillful staff in a modern and geometric shape in a special factory of the company

Our company guarantees materials quality through production factories' guarantee, and it also guarantees our employee's abilities to respond and service the customers.

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+964 770 350 39 09

+964 770 453 2000

1 - Sulaimaniyah / Chwarbakh/ near Palace Hotel/ Behind Chwarbakh Palace

2 - Sulaimaniyah/ Malik Mahmood Street / Above Binay Gas Station / Next to Spacetoon

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